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Woman rejects $1Billion divorce settlement and wants to go to court

December 25, 2020by admin0

Oh how anger blinds us! This woman’s situation is not at all unusual, its just the spectacular amount that makes it news.

If only people could remove the mist of anger that impedes their rational thinking. There is the old saying “Those who seek revenge had better dig 2 graves.” Court is not the answer. These people can afford the money, do they really want to waste it? Can they afford the tremendous stress and bitter battle? They are in their 80s, can they afford to waste their precious time in beating each other up in the nastiest process most people can imagine?

Mediation may be. Mediation will allow her to say what she needs to say, albeit in a respectful way, to help build an understanding of the situation from each of their perspectives, and to make agreements they can both live with.

A US property mogul and lawyer offered a $1bn divorce settlement to his wife of 58 years – but she refused …

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