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What happens to step families when a birth parent dies?

December 22, 2020by admin0

This is a question that many have thought of, but most do nothing about. It is natural to avoid thinking about the worst that can happen to us, but it is necessary.

Consider the case where a couple separate when their child or baby is very young, and the parent with whom the child lives, re-partners. The new partner bonds with the child and becomes a step parent. The new couple are likely to have other children and enjoy their family situation for many years.

Often the other parent moves on with their lives, meets a new partner and they too may give birth to other children, with their first child staying with them to a greater or lesser extent.

Now imagine if the parent with whom the child lives with most of the time dies, or becomes incapacitated, and the child’s other natural parent believes it is best for their child to live with them. What happens to the step-parent and the new siblings?

Very often these cases end in court, or with a child being taken away from their step family, without proper discussion or consideration for the child’s emotional and psychological welfare. Neither of these situations are desirable.

The answer.

This scenario can be prevented.

We help parents in mediation to discuss the possibilities and agree on what will happen to their children if the worst should happen. They can have agreements made in mediation made into legally enforceable orders by consent by having them stamped in court. It can be a fairly simple process which can save a lot of heartache for all concerned.

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