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Teacher awarded six figure payout after being bullied at work

December 25, 2020by admin0

One of the most difficult tasks we have as trainers in anti-bullying in the workplace and mediators (when appropriate) is that although so many workers are suffering, many employers either turn a blind eye and refuse to acknowledge their toxic culture, or they believe it is the problem of the target (victim) of bullying. Others say they have no bullying, or that they have it under control, when they clearly still have a problem. Please read the article below about the latest payout for workplace bullying.

We know we can help stop bullying, however we need to be given the chance to do so. Perhaps reluctant employers believe they may be putting themselves at risk if they admit they (may) have a problem, that it is too difficult or too expensive to address properly.

Fortunately the tide is turning, albeit slowly, to recognise that those being bullied can suffer serious psychological and physical injuries. Fines for allowing a worker to be bullied are rising, as this six figure compensation amount clearly shows. As more huge compensation cases are awarded, more employers will take heed.

For those who are interested, interMEDIATE Dispute Management offers a FREE online Anti-Bullying Course trial to any employer who would like to test it out. Described as extremely thorough it covers not just laws and regulations, but behavioural change strategies.

Please share this post with your employer if you believe it may be helpful in your organisation or that of a friend who is suffering from workplace bullying. Training page or phone 1300 367 330

Click here to read the Sydney Morning Herald Article

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