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Wills and Estates

Contesting a will? Issues with an estate? Avoid court. Wills dispute mediation is more effective in wills disputes.

How to protect your loved one’s estate from litigation.

Resolve Wills and Estates Disputes quickly and inexpensively without litigation. Our unique and powerful model of mediation helps ensure fair and robust agreements that all parties can live with. Link to TESTIMONIALS

Resolve complex family estate and company issues as well as family wills disputes quickly and inexpensively through mediation. Mediation is a conflict resolution service which helps enable parties in dispute to work out their issues and reach agreements without the horrendous expense, and emotionally draining time wasted in court.

Unresolved disputes over wills are very likely to destroy or permanently damage family relationships, at a time when grief and loss can be feelings shared by all, and family support through the sad times can provide comfort when it is needed most. Even when it seems impossible to parties that they could ever agree, disputes can often be resolved if managed properly and early enough.

At a time of tremendous stress, grief and loss, family members may feel overwhelmed by the very thought of a dispute over a will. It doesn’t need to be so difficult.

Mediation for wills disputes works. It can protect or restore important relationships whilst effectively resolving disputes over a will.

Wills disputes can have far reaching, lifelong, damaging effects on important family relationships.

Mediation helps to protect and restore important relationships which have been suffering under the huge stress of dealing with grief and the estate of a loved one.

· Disputes over wills do not necessarily have to be acrimonious.

· Instead of wasting valuable assets in a litigation process, mediation helps informed parties to communicate their concerns, as well as their needs and interests in a cooperative environment so that disputes can be resolved quickly and inexpensively.

· Mediated Agreements can be re-written and converted into legally enforceable Orders by Consent.

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