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Train in interMEDIATE Dispute Management’s unique model of mediation, which combines the facilitative and transformative models and adds an important educational component to help parties to self reflect for a better understanding of their current situation and more robust outcomes. Parties are provided useful tools for effective communication and greatly improves their relationship, during the session and for all their future relationships. This powerful model helps ensure positive results and agreements that each party can truly live with.

5 Consecutive Days intensive Mediation Training, for executives, directors, psychologists, lawyers and other professionals. Done as 5 consecutive days training (then for those who require Australian National Accreditation of the Mediation Standards Board (MSB) as a Mediator – 2 days – one for revision, practice and role plays and the second for accreditation videoing, booked separately, see below). Those who are involved in resolving workplace disputes and conflict, such as cyber bullying, will be assisted by this mediation course to prepare for assessment and national accreditation as a professional mediator. The course has been designed to ensure that all requirements of the approval standards under the National Accreditation System are met and all specified minimum training surpassed. As a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB), interMEDIATE Dispute Management trains and accredits mediators under the National Mediation Accreditation Standards (NMAS).

Independent Trainer’s comments:
“What I most admire is your commitment to excellence and to ethical practice and I am delighted to be working with you and your company because it also fills me with pride. Everything about the course was exemplary. Just terrific.” Dr. Peter O’Brien.

Sydney Monday 11th September to Friday 15th September 2017
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