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Build a safer, more resilient, responsible and productive workforce. Improve your organisational culture. Mitigate your risk of litigation.

Complete with interactivity, quizzes and certificate of completion, this course is designed to effectively stop bullying in your organisation.

Useful as a standalone compulsory course for all workers, from the CEO to the most junior, as an adjunct to face to face training, as part of induction or as a yearly refresher.

Following is our introduction video:

This online course is extremely thorough as is, however you can also customise it, adding your own logo, policies and procedures etc. to suit your organisation. Ask us how.

Customise this course for your organisation – add your own logo, include some of your own content, such as policies, Codes of Conduct, or simply use as is.

More than just boring instructions and guidelines about laws, policies and procedures, this course by interMEDIATE Dispute Management provides a real, PRACTICAL, behavioural change and self-regulation opportunity to build resilience, encourage personal responsibility, and improve skills of workers to identify, prevent and manage workplace bullying & harassment and resolve conflict.
Improve the culture, harmony, safety and productivity of your organisation, whilst mitigating risks of litigation. Complete with interactivity, testing, certificate of completion, and reporting of results etc. to employer, this course is designed to effectively stop bullying in your organisation.

Course Sections

With a quiz at the end of each section, the trainee must attain 100%, to progress to the next section – so there are no excuses for bullying.

  1. Welcome and Introduction, understand the devastating costs to lives and to organisations.
  2. Identify Bullying, without training, most people don’t recognise bullying behaviours.
  3. Early intervention, understand the importance of acting promptly to stop bullying and its escalation.
  4. Effects of Bullying, understanding how toxic bullying affects the individual, the team and the organisation.
  5. Prevent Bullying, early intervention to stop escalation to bullying, build resilience, personal responsibility and collaboration.
  6. More tools for Preventing Bullying, learn useful ways to stop bullying behaviours.
  7. Conflict – can be extremely destructive, however, learn how healthy conflict is important to productivity and optimising teams.
  8. Managing Bullying, how to effectively manage situations which do occur to ensure they are resolved appropriately and effectively.
  9. Resilient Workers and Effective Leaders, a collaborative workplace encourages resilience, positive behaviours, safety and optimises productivity.
  10. Conclusion and print certificate. A Certificate will attest to a 100% score, as confirmation for the employer.

Training Outcomes

By the end of the course each participant will be able to identify, prevent and manage bullying situations. They will know what to do if they are experiencing or witness bullying, and what behaviours they need to change if they identify their own behaviours as bullying. They will also understand the laws and serious consequences of bullying.

Our training includes not just vital information but is designed to ensure greater understanding and aimed at positive behaviour change, assertiveness, resilience and personal responsibility.

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  • A very thorough course
  • The use of examples was very helpful
  • There’s much more to workplace bullying than I had realised.
  • I am able to identify buying and harassment and will be more confident in seeking help or report incidences.
  • There were a lot of strategies and models that were easy to remember, it wasn’t an overload of content – key points were reinforced well throughout the presentation and then learning was tested in quiz at the end of each section. Knowing there was a quiz at the end of each section also encourages attention to be paid to the content.
  • If I look at this from the view of a person who is being exposed to this information for the first time then definitely I will have learnt something.
  • As an HR practitioner I found a lot of the information matched what I already knew about bullying.
  • The information is good and told clear. I like the interactive way of testing your knowledge.
  • Thank you, very informative.

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