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Changing the world, ‘one peace at a time’ is precisely what we strive to do. At interMEDIATE Dispute Management, we want to help you resolve issues such as family, workplace and commercial disputes which are shaking up your world through private mediators in Sydney and Melbourne.

We believe we are the best at what we do and invite you to explore our offering. We have been in service since 1995 which means we have the necessary experience to facilitate any dispute that may arise. We are an outreach service who will find a neutral venue suitable for parties involved and give you the highest value for money.

Private Mediators in Sydney want to keep you out of court and resolve the issues early, before they escalate. Family disputes are a big problem in our society, children only get one childhood, and we find that it’s essential to have the bitterness between parents resolved or handled successfully so that everyone can work together to build a co-parenting relationship and keep the little ones happy, with a bright future.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any queries on how to get the process started. We want to help you and bring peace to your lives. All of our private mediators in Sydney are all nationally accredited under NMAS and can help you to resolve issues quickly, with lasting results and a sensitive approach. We aim to help each party feel more comfortable so that you can have the best results that will benefit you and your children.

Changing the world, one peace at a time!

Trusted by organisations and families since 1995, we can help you to resolve your dispute and move forward. With our team’s, more than 380 years combined dispute management expertise, our caring and competent professional team is here for you during and after hours, 7 days a week. We’ll come to you, arrange a convenient neutral venue or provide services by telephone and internet to guide all parties towards reaching peaceful resolution.

find out more about how we can help you find peace & resolution in fraught relationships.