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Parenting Plans before Christmas

26th of September 2017 | Author: Naomi Holtring

Separated or Divorced?

Do you need a Parenting Plan before Christmas?

It is coming up to that time of the year again. Christmas can be really exciting, family times, especially for children.

Unfortunately, at Christmas it can be devastating for separated families when there is no plan in place for the children over the break.

Your children only get one childhood and you are helping to create their memories now.

If you need to make holiday plans, and if you are not in agreement with the other parent, please contact us. We can help you within 2 weeks as long it is appropriate for your situation, as you are all willing and able. It doesn’t matter where you are,we can help you either face to face or by phone, to discuss and agree on Christmas arrangements, which are in your children’s best interests.

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Please don’t delay, times are getting very busy. Contact Naomi 1300 367 330 or email Naomi@interMEDIATE.com.au

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