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If you are facing a dispute with a family member, co-worker, or another party, there are ways of solving the problem without immediately involving lawyers or the Court. In-person and online mediation services typically include neutral Initial Assessment, negotiation, and agreement. There are several benefits to settling your differences out of court; here are a few of them:

It Saves Time

Traditional court proceedings can take years to complete, particularly in the Family Court. Delays in resolving a workplace dispute,via the courts can negatively affect your bottom line. All parties must submit certain documents, and they’ll accumulate attorney’s fees for handling these preparations. This continues for as long as it takes for the Court to make a decision on the case–or refer it on, which can make the process take even longer.

What can take months or even years in Court can often be resolved within a matter of days or weeks in mediation. Mediation often results in a faster resolution between parties.

Less Hostility

Delays cause disputes to escalate as tensions rise and issues become more serious. With our online dispute resolution training, conflicts can be managed without the same high levels of tension that are generated through court proceedings. Taking a dispute to a public trial inflates all conflicts. Anger can lead to destructive behaviours such as publicly airing of grievances that you would prefer to keep private. It can cause each party to dig their heels in and demand their version of a victory, all while racking up legal fees.

During mediation or dispute resolution online, parties involved are less likely to become hostile and more likely to be able to keep an open mind and achieve an agreeable solution. That’s partly because both parties become directly involved in the resolution process, giving them a greater sense of control and a way to channel their energy toward solutions instead of aggravation.


Instead of airing your problems in front of any number of strangers in Court, phone mediation, is totally private and confidential. This is a significant advantage as many people feel much better, keeping the details of their private situation to themselves. From prestige, to goodwill, to family name, people have a wide range of reasons for needing discretion. Businesses often opt for mediation to avoid the public eye, particularly in sensitive cases.

Mediation may be held in a private conference room, or the parties may agree to online or phone mediation; either way, both parties will have the chance to reach an agreeable solution without worrying about public scrutiny.

Where to Find Online Dispute Resolution

At interMEDIATE Dispute Management, we offer a neutral way for parties to solve their issues and move on. Our workplace dispute resolution can help resolve all types of interpersonal issues in the workplace to ensure everyone involved remains productive and safe. We also offer supportive family mediation services.

When you need quality dispute resolution at competitive prices, contact interMEDIATE Dispute Management and we’ll be happy to discuss your situation and explore how we can help.

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