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Online Anti-Bullying Course and WHS App




online Anti-Bullying Course – from just $30.00 per person


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The online Anti-Bullying Course covers more than laws, policies and how NOT to behave, this online Anti-Bullying Course by interMEDIATE Dispute Management provides a real, PRACTICAL, behavioural change opportunity to improve the skills of workers to identify, prevent and manage workplace bullying and harassment.

Build a safer, more resilient, responsible and productive workforce.

Improve the safety, culture, harmony, and productivity of your organisation, whilst mitigating risks of litigation. Complete with interactivity, quizzes and certificate of completion, this course is designed to effectively stop bullying in your organisation.

Useful as a standalone compulsory course for all workers, from the CEO to the most junior, as an adjunct to face to face training, as part of induction or as a yearly refresher.

Course Sections

With a quiz at the end of each section, the trainee must attain 100%, to progress to the next section – so there are no excuses for bullying.

  • Welcome and Introduction, understand the devastating costs to lives and to organisations.
  • Identify Bullying, without training, most people don’t recognise bullying behaviours.
  • Effects of Bullying, understanding how toxic bullying affects the individual, the team and the organisation.
  • Prevent Bullying, early intervention to stop escalation to bullying, build resilience, responsibility and collaboration.
  • Conflict, healthy conflict is important to growth and effective teams.
  • Managing Bullying, how to effectively manage situations which do occur to ensure they are resolved appropriately and effectively.
  • Conclusion and print certificate.


  • up to 100 participants are $39 each
  • 101 to 500 participants are $37.95 each
  • 501 to 1000 participants are $35 each
  • 1001 to 2000 participants are $32 each
  • 2001 to 10,000 participants are $30 each
  • For higher numbers of participants i.e. 10001+ negotiable, contact us.

The WHS App, designed for companies with 50+ employees,  the award winning app is an advanced incident reporting (including bullying& harassment) and documenting system which must be seen to be believed. Contact us for an obligation free demonstration. Find out why you need this in your organisation. peak.

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