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Is smacking children ever a good idea?

December 25, 2020by admin0

As parents, we all know how frustrating children can be and how their tantrums and belligerence can leave us wondering what on earth we can do. Our parents smacked us and we turned out ok right? The smack certainly got our attention and we behaved ourselves after that right?

What are we really teaching our children when we smack them? That the person who is bigger, louder and stronger can overpower them? That violence is acceptable as a method of controlling? That violence towards others is ok if you believe it is necessary? Now imagine that same belief is carried into adulthood. Smacking is a starting point for family violence against children, and other family members – Mums and Dads.

A new study has proven that children who are smacked are more likely to become violent against their parents. Read the article.

I was once in a shopping centre and heard a woman bellow at her son. I don’t remember what it was about. What I do remember is that the son turned around to her and bellowed back in exactly the same manner.

A young step father complained to me that Child Services had removed him from his family home because he’d smacked his step-daughter because she wouldn’t eat her dinner. How would that ever help? Anyhow the preschool were called when they found he had bruised her bottom.

We are role modelling to our children. They will do to us, what we do to them. They will do to others what we do to them.

If you find it is difficult to parent your children without resorting to smacking, you need to learn some new skills. Please enroll in a parenting course. this will help you and your children, now and in the future.


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