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Appoint Professional Mediators in Australia and Internationally Before Your Conflict Escalates

How much is that conflict costing you?

Mismanaged and unmanaged conflict is extremely costly!

It ruins relationships, destroys lives and businesses and leads to expensive, lengthy legal battles.

For families, workplaces and commercial disputes, when you want to resolve a dispute effectively, efficiently, respectfully and without the stress and expense of going to court, contact interMEDIATE Dispute Management for professional help.


It’s vital to engage mediators early to resolve your dispute quickly, before it escalates.


Reach robust resolution with highly experienced mediators in all cities and regional areas of Australia and internationally. It could be assisting a group of disgruntled workers in a hospital in Sydney, a property and financial agreement to be negotiated for a separating couple in Melbourne, a small business dispute to be resolved in Brisbane. Perhaps we may be working with a government office dispute which needs resolving in Canberra, helping parents to craft a Parenting Plan for their children in Perth, mediating a franchising or bankruptcy dispute in Hobart.

We may be mediating a strata dispute in Sydney, a bankruptcy dispute in Melbourne or facilitating a team meeting in Adelaide, working with extended family members in an intergenerational wills dispute in Darwin, or facilitating a family conference in New Zealand. We could even be providing anti-bullying workplace training in Bourke, or training managers to deal with staff in conflict in Singapore.

Whether we are helping a workplace with branches in Hong Kong and Europe or America to resolve their conflicts via Skype or telephone dispute resolution or even providing Conflict Management Coaching via Skype or by telephone to a manager in Hawaii or Egypt, our mediators and trainers are highly skilled and able to assist.

Regardless of your location or specific conflict, we can assist in most types of disputes across the globe.


Whether in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart or elsewhere in Australia or across the globe, our mediators can help


Trusted since 1995, to help families, employees, employers, managers and board members to resolve their disputes and move forward with their lives free from the stress of the dispute. With our team’s combined 380 plus years of dispute management expertise, our caring and competent professional team is here for you during and after hours, 7 days a week. The Initial Assessments are done by phone, and we’ll arrange a convenient neutral venue for the joint session, or provide services remotely by Skype, telephone and internet to guide all parties towards reaching peaceful resolution.

Pre and post-mediation counselling are available if required for additional support.

Our co-model means you’ll have two highly skilled mediators (one male, one female) combining their expertise, tools and technology, to craft and print an agreement ready for signing at the end of the session.


Services for trained mediators


Beyond offering dispute resolution and conflict management for the workplace, our mediators also specialise in training and clinical supervision for qualified mediators, who are looking for further development opportunities to broaden their skillsets and build and market their own businesses. Valuable training and coaching sessions are carried out on the first Monday of every month.

Testimonial by an attendee at a recent session:


As a mediator who only achieved accreditation late last year I found the Sydney Mediation Practice Group very beneficial. As per all upcoming monthly meetings we took one aspect of the mediation process and really honed our skills. In the same session we finished with a very helpful discussion about marketing ourselves as mediators. The great thing about this group is we can all have input into what areas of mediation we want to cover in upcoming sessions. Looking forward to role playing mediation scenarios.

Naomi and Jean-Marcel facilitated the group well creating lively discussion and individual involvement. The two and a half hours flew which is always a good sign of engagement. I’m looking forward to attending future sessions and developing my skills further.

Mark K

Nationally Accredited Mediator


Don’t wait until it’s too late, achieve a resolution before your pain intensifies


We understand the immense emotional burden such conflict can put on your shoulders, heart and mind, which is why it’s critical to contact the trusted mediation experts before things become worse, or potentially hostile. Don’t waste your money and your time with litigation in a process based on ‘beating’ the opposition. These cheap and less helpful services may only have a solo model of mediation, have less experienced mediators and lengthy waiting lists that exacerbate the situation. Choose the professionals who are passionate and competent about helping others and restoring important relationships that are ruined by mismanagement. We are available during both business and after hours, 7 days a week, wherever you are. Contact us today on 1300 367 330! We are available for those throughout Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart and other major capital cities.


“These wonderful people saved us at least $50,000 each and 18 months in a court battle.” KN Toowong, Qld.


“We were about to go to court again and the magistrate ordered us to go to Family Dispute Resolution. InterMEDIATE Dispute Management helped us to agree on all points of argument and we did not have to go back to court at all.” JD, Double Bay, NSW

“The workplace started to get really toxic. Human Resources tried the best they could. We felt they were biased and demanded an independent process. We are so pleased with the co-mediation provided by interMEDIATE Dispute Management, as there was a female mediator and a male mediator working with us.” WM, Melbourne, Vic

“The Work Health and Safety became a major problem, as did the number of claims for stress leave due to bullying and harassment. We are so thankful that interMEDIATE Dispute Management helped our employees to respect each other and work better together in a respectful environment.” LB, Townsville Qld

“We needed to dissolve our business partnership but could not agree on the terms. We had reached a stalemate and thought we may have to go to court. A friend told us about mediation. In just a few hours, interMEDIATE Dispute Management helped us to discuss and come to an agreement we could all live with. Their service is excellent.” MK, North Sydney, NSW.

Changing the world, one peace at a time!

Trusted by organisations and families since 1995, we can help you to resolve your dispute and move forward. With our team’s, more than 380 years combined dispute management expertise, our caring and competent professional team is here for you during and after hours, 7 days a week. We’ll come to you, arrange a convenient neutral venue or provide services by telephone and internet to guide all parties towards reaching peaceful resolution.

find out more about how we can help you find peace & resolution in fraught relationships.