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interMEDIATE Dispute Management Courses for Workplaces

interMEDIATE Dispute Management has been providing workplace training for over 22 years. Our aim is to ensure workplaces are safe and productive, so that workers and employers benefit equally.
Based on values of respect and cooperation our courses are designed to promote collaboration, positive culture and optimal productivity in your organisation.
Our courses come with a 100% Money Back Quality Guarantee.

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Online Anti Bullying Course

Face to Face Courses – Anti-Bullying, Harassment, Discrimination

Train to be a Mediator Course

Post Training Mediator Accreditation Testing

Online Conflict Resolution and Alternative Dispute Resolution Training

Brush up on your Mediator Skills for re-accreditation

ONLINE ANTI BULLYING, HARASSMENT AND CONFLICT MANAGEMENT COURSE Build a safer, more resilient, responsible and productive workforce.

Improve the safety, culture, harmony, and productivity of your organisation, whilst mitigating risks of litigation. Complete with interactivity, quizzes and certificate of completion, this course is designed to effectively stop bullying in your organisation.

This course will usually take approximately 1.5 hours to complete. Useful as a standalone compulsory course for all workers, from the CEO to the most junior, as an adjunct to face to face training, as part of induction or as a yearly refresher.

View our Introduction video:

A certificate is provided at the successful completion of the course. This can be emailed to a manager as required.

Course Sections

All sections must be completed. With a quiz at the end of each section, the trainee must attain 100%, to progress to the next section – so there are no excuses for bullying.

  • Welcome and Introduction, understand the devastating costs to lives and to organisations.
  • Identify Bullying, without training, most people don’t recognise bullying behaviours.
  • Effects of Bullying, understanding how toxic bullying affects the individual, the team and the organisation.
  • Prevent Bullying, early intervention to stop escalation to bullying, build resilience, personal responsibility and collaboration.
  • Conflict – can be extremely destructive, however, learn how healthy conflict is important to productivity and optimising teams.
  • Managing Bullying, how to effectively manage situations which do occur to ensure they are resolved appropriately and effectively
  • Conclusion and print certificate.

Training Outcomes

By the end of the course each participant will be able to identify, prevent and manage bullying situations. They will know what to do if they are experiencing or witness bullying, and what behaviours they need to change if they identify their own behaviours as bullying. They will also understand the laws and serious consequences of bullying.

Our training includes not just vital information but is designed to ensure greater understanding and aimed at positive behaviour change, assertiveness, resilience and personal responsibility.



  • This online course is extremely thorough as is, however you can also customise it, adding your own logo, policies and procedures etc. to suit your organisation. Ask us how.
  • A very thorough course
  • The use of examples was very helpful
  • There’s much more to workplace bullying than I had realised.
  • I am able to identify bullying and harassment and will be more confident in seeking help or report incidences.
  • There were a lot of strategies and models that were easy to remember, it wasn’t an overload of content – key points were reinforced well throughout the presentation and then learning was tested in quiz at the end of each section. Knowing there was a quiz at the end of each section also encourages attention to be paid to the content.
  • If I look at this from the view of a person who is being exposed to this information for the first time then definitely I will have learnt something.
  • As an HR practitioner I found a lot of the information matched what I already knew about bullying.
  • The information is good and told clear. I like the interactive way of testing your knowledge.
  • Thank you, very informative.

More than just boring instructions and guidelines about laws, policies and procedures, this course by interMEDIATE Dispute Management provides a real, PRACTICAL, behavioural change and self-regulation opportunity to build resilience, encourage personal responsibility, and improve skills of workers to identify, prevent and manage workplace bullying & harassment and resolve conflict.
Improve the culture, harmony, safety and productivity of your organisation, whilst mitigating risks of litigation. Complete with interactivity, testing, certificate of completion, and reporting of results etc. to employer, this course is designed to effectively stop bullying in your organisation.

Face to Face Courses

IDENTIFY, PREVENT AND MANAGE BULLYING AND HARASSMENT IN YOUR WORKPLACE Optimise your workplace by eliminating Bullying and Harassment. Prevent the risk of litigation and harm to workers. Respectful work behaviour and resilience training is designed for all workers and can be customised for your workplace. Workplace culture descends from the top, so this training is essential for all workers, from the CEO to the most junior. Done in-house, this half day behavioural change training helps equip all workers with skills and knowledge to recognise and deal with workplace bullying and harassment promptly, before it escalates and becomes dangerous for people, productivity and profits. Contact us about public courses or a bespoke course for your workplace.

Training Outcomes

By the end of the course each participant will be able to identify, prevent and manage bullying situations. They will know what to do if they are experiencing or witness bullying, and what behaviours they need to change if they identify their own behaviours as bullying. They will also understand the laws and serious consequences of bullying.

Our training includes not just vital information but is designed to ensure greater understanding and aimed at positive behaviour change, assertiveness, resilience and personal responsibility.

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MANAGING COMPLAINTS OF BULLYING & HARASSMENT IN YOUR WORKPLACE This course is a MUST for all managers, supervisors and team leaders.

What do you do when a worker complains about being bullied? Does your response help or hinder the situation?

Bullying, harassment and conflict put workers at risk of harm and the employer at risk of litigation. These need to be identified, prevented and managed. Most managers are hired or promoted due to their technical expertise and experience. Managers, supervisors and team-leaders may need to manage complaints of Bullying & Harassment, yet are unsure, afraid or hesitant to deal with these issues promptly, as they have not yet been trained do so. Others may need to update and enhance their current skills. This half day course done in-house will equip your managers, supervisors and team-leaders with the knowledge and ability to do so efficiently, effectively, competently and confidently.

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TRAIN TO BE A MEDIATOR  Contact us about the next date for training

Train in interMEDIATE Dispute Management’s unique model of mediation, which combines the facilitative and transformative models and adds an important educational component to help parties to self reflect for a better understanding of their current situation and more robust outcomes. Parties are provided useful tools for effective communication and greatly improves their relationship, during the session and for all their future relationships. This powerful model helps ensure positive results and agreements that each party can truly live with.5 Consecutive Days intensive Mediation Training, for executives, directors, psychologists, lawyers and other professionals. Done as 5 consecutive days training (then for those who require Australian National Accreditation of the Mediation Standards Board (MSB) as a Mediator – 2 days – one for revision, practice and role plays and the second for accreditation videoing, booked and paid separately, see below).Those who are involved in resolving workplace disputes and conflict, such as cyber bullying, will be assisted by this mediation course to prepare for assessment and national accreditation as a professional mediator. The course has been designed to ensure that all requirements of the approval standards under the National Accreditation System are met and all specified minimum training surpassed. As a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB), interMEDIATE Dispute Management trains and accredits mediators under the National Mediation Accreditation Standards (NMAS).

Please note that charges for this course are for the 5 days training only. Please open link for extra costs.

Essential Skills Learned:
Conceptual skills used in analysis, evaluation and planning
– Problem solving skills
– Negotiation skills
– Communication skills in presenting, obtaining information, facilitating, establishing and maintaining confidence of all parties, in a culturally respectful way
– Skills in maintaining confidentiality and avoiding confidentiality breaches
– Skills in creating an emotionally safe and empathetic environment
– Employment of culturally appropriate and respectful practices
– Working with other professionals, including subject matter experts and interpreters
– Time management skills
Assess the suitability of early intervention processes such as mediation, facilitation, group conferencing and conflict management coaching (mediation for one)
– Adequately prepare employees and parties to be engaged, empowered and participate in the conflict resolution or dispute management process as a party,- Develop competence in collaborating with other parties within Human Resource management process when a case is suitable for local level intervention, rather than the fear and destruction caused by the overuse of disciplinary processes

– Taking Initial Enquiries from parties, managers or others requesting services
– Contacting each party and explaining the benefits of mediation
– Initial Assessment – ensuring suitability of parties and the dispute for the mediation process, understanding the issues from each party’s perspective, coaching them to a level where they are able to work effectively in the process
– Organising the mediation – times, venues, parties,
– Preparing documentation
– Preparing the mediation room
– Running the process smoothly, impartially, effectively,
– Maintaining confidentiality, respect and effective communication in the mediation room
– Learning and using tools to educate parties in greater communication, self reflection, self resolution and relationship skills
– Preparing documents ready for signing at the completion of the mediation
– Drafting and printing preparing Mediated Agreements

Become ready to do the National Accreditation 2 days to become a Nationally Accredited Mediator.

Who is this course suitable for?
– Managers, supervisors and team leaders who deal with workers in conflict
– HR Managers and Directors
– Psychologists
– Judges
– Lawyers
– Ministers
– Board Chairs
– Head Teachers
– and anyone else who needs to needs to assist people in conflict to find peaceful and effective resolution

We have a student to trainer/coach ratio of 3:1 and have secured the most sought after trainers:

Professor Laurence Boulle, Bond University Lecturer, ADR Author, Practicing Mediator and Mediation trainer.

Janice McLeay, Master of Dispute Resolution, former NSW Industrial Relations Commissioner, Practicing Mediator and Mediation trainer.

Dr Peter O’Brien, Doctor of Education, ADR Lecturer, Practicing Mediator and Mediation trainer.

Valerie Sinclair current co-chair of the Resolution Institute NSW Chapter and former President of the Australian Dispute Resolution Association (ADRA). At ADRA, she developed a Code of Conduct for Mediators and regular seminars for practitioners. Practicing Mediator and Mediation trainer

Naomi Holtring, Master of Dispute Resolution, Vice President ADRA, Naomi assisted in the development of the Mediator Complaints Handling Process adopted by NMAS. Practicing Mediator and Mediation trainer.


Independent Trainer’s comments:

  • “What I most admire is your commitment to excellence and to ethical practice and I am delighted to be working with you two and your Company because it also fills me with pride.  Everything about the course was exemplary. Just terrific.” Dr. Peter O.

Some Students’ Comments:

  • “Professional, thorough preparation. Well balanced program. Great leaders working well together. Very relaxed, friendly, always encouraged to fully participate.” Peter D
  • “Inclusive, friendly, very knowledgeable professional presenters.” Mercedes M
  • “Interactive and engaging. Great experience.” Josephine G
  • “Well paced, informative. Great to hear experts talking. Skillful encouraging coaches.” Mark K
  • “There was an end goal, with all the practice and feedback.” Janice K.
  • “Thoroughly professional trainers and coaches and process. It restored my faith that resolving  conflicts is really possible, even when it may seem impossible. Jean- Marcel and Naomi’s enthusiasm is infectious.” Dr. Margo O


FAMILY DISPUTE RESOLUTION – Contact Us for more details

2 Days NATIONAL ACCREDITATION AS A MEDIATOR ASSESSMENT  Contact us about the next available dates for training
To be completed only AFTER you have successfully completed the Training to Become a Mediator, if you wish to advance to National Accreditation through NMAS. These 2 days  – one for practice and the day after for accreditation assessment are essential.Please note that other mediation courses usually do not provide the revision day, which means a lower pass rate.  Our trainers notice the higher levels of competency of our students compared to those who have been trained by other organisations.


BRUSH UP ON YOUR MEDIATION SKILLS Foundation Skills of Mediation – Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)  course for mediators who have not had the required hours for re-accreditation as a means to refresh and practice prior to a new accreditation assessment, as well as for directors, managers, supervisors, team-leaders, HR personnel and cyber bullying mediators (who wish to refresh their skills). This foundation/refresher course presents our advanced model consisting of the facilitated/transformative/educative mediation model, and provides opportunities for skill development through the use of structured role plays in each of the 7 stages. The course also introduces concepts of ethical co-mediation practice. Contact us about public courses or a bespoke course for your workplace.

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Bespoke Courses Available to your organisation
interMEDIATE Dispute Management can design a course specifically to your organisational needs. 

We begin by providing a feed-forward to all participants to learn about the organisation, the team and exactly what is needed to ensure the course meets the objectives of the team and management. A team training approach is utilised, so that each session has at least 2 trainers for increased attention to participants and learning of the entire group. Courses are relaxed, interesting, highly interactive, with role-plays and team exercises. Feedback sheets at the end of each session ensure that we have met our objectives and help towards constant improvement of our courses.

Here is just a sample of what we can design for you:

Crucial Key Conversations  Most managers are hired or promoted for their technical skills and abilities to do their job. Unfortunately, when it comes to dealing with issues of their reports, unless they are trained, the don’t have the skills to communicate in a way that is effective. Sometimes heavy handed, their manner may come across as bullying. Other times they are too passive and are ineffective in running their department or managing their reports. This course is ESSENTIAL for managers, supervisors and team leaders, who need to know how to plan and communicate important messages effectively, such as when there has been allegations of poor performance, reducing the risk of being accused of bullying.
Facilitating a Discussion  between employees with a single non-serious interpersonal dispute. Once managers, supervisors and team leaders have completed the Crucial Key Conversations course (above), they can progress to being able to to help workers to talk  to each other respectfully and effectively, and resolve their issues. This helps to halt issues at an early stage, prevent ongoing conflict, and escalation of disputes. You can become confident and competent in ensuring your workplace is optimised – safe and productive .

CONFLICT RESOLUTION AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION TRAINING  2 Certificates in one day. Ideal for mandatory training for industry. Link to information page.

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT COACHING High level athletes are expert in their field, and all have continued coaching to keep them at the top of their game.  Conflict Management Coaching is an invaluable one on one opportunity for managers, team leaders and supervisors trained in Crucial Key Conversations and Facilitating a Discussion to build their competence and confidence by having a trained coach at the end of a phone line, available to assist them to plan Crucial Key Conversations and Facilitating a Discussion.
If you have any questions about our courses and services, phone us on 1300 367 330 or click the contact us button and send us a message.


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