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Bullying in the workplace can take a lot of different forms. so can harassment. Sometimes, these behaviours are on the surface and obvious. They play out in the way of malicious gossip, taunts or verbal barbs being targeted at one, or a group of employees. In other cases, they can be less obvious, such as workplace sabotage, denial of rights, micromanagement. Some forms of bullying take place outside of the workplace or through cyber channels. Employers have an obligation to stop bullying and harassment and provide a safe and inclusive workplace for all employees. At interMEDIATE Dispute Management, we help you achieve this kind of safe work environment by providing anti bullying training for the workplace.

Why Anti Bullying Courses Are Important

Harassment and bullying are issues that can impact your work environment, your employees and your business in numerous ways.

The first thing to be compromised by workplace bullying or harassment, is the office culture. A company culture should be open, collaborative, creative and friendly. Your employees should feel comfortable working with one another to achieve shared goals. Bullying and harassment are issues that destroy this teamwork driven environment and replace it with adversarial interactions. The result is a toxic workplace environment where certain workers do not feel empowered or even safe to speak out against their bullies or harassers.

Think of it this way: if happy workers are engaged, effective and productive, then bullied workers are unfocused, stressed, unhappy and ultimately ineffective. Bullied workers are harmed. They can suffer depression anxiety and physical illnesses. This suffering impacts their lives within and outside of work. Eventually, a bullied or harassed employee may even sue their employer. Anti harassment training and conflict management training can put a stop to harmful workplace interactions before they lead to this devastating conclusion.

Many business owners make the mistake of believing that bullying and harassment surely aren’t taking place in their workplace, and that even if there is some bad blood between employees, they can sort it out themselves. Surely it won’t lead to litigation. These viewpoints are naïve. According to a government enquiry, bullying is so common that it cost Australia businesses up to $36 billion per year. Make no mistake: workplace bullying and harassment are commonplace, and if you don’t take steps to identify, manage and prevent them, there is a good chance they will take root in your organisation.

Arrange a Workplace Bullying and Harassment Course for Your Business

Investing in anti bullying courses can teach your employees which behaviours are appropriate, and which are not. It can give staff members the tools they need to identify, prevent and manage bullying or harassment. It can establish channels that victims or bystanders can go through to report bullying or harassment.

At interMEDIATE Dispute Management, we focus on each of these areas, teaching strategies for identification, intervention, prevention and management of bullying and harassment. From protecting victims against bullying and harassment to teaching perpetrators how to change their behaviours for the better. Our courses yield multiple benefits. To find out more or to arrange an anti bullying training session or conflict management course for your workplace, contact interMEDIATE Dispute Management today.

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