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Complaints Handling Procedure

At interMEDIATE Dispute Management Pty Ltd, we promise to always do our very best to assist all parties in dispute. Should any client have reason to be disappointed with our service, we guarantee to treat your complaint seriously.

We recognise that people are free to raise complaints and have them resolved in a manner that is fair, sensitive and prompt, ensuring:

an accessible and transparent complaints handling system;

resolution or appropriate response to conflict;

timely response, with care to all involve in the complaint;

confidentiality, in relation to all signed agreements;

clarity regarding expectations of the complainant;

a system that connects the insight gained from complaints back into the mediation industry (known as feedback or reflective practice), to improve the organisation’s practices, policies and procedures.

InterMEDIATE Dispute Management supports a cooperative process in managing complaints, and encourages such complaints to be made at an early stage. We aim to handle complaints promptly and advise complainants of appropriate timeframes at all stages of the process.

InterMEDIATE Dispute Management will encourage the complainant to raise the complaint with the mediator (or employee) who the complaint is about, in the first instance. If the complaint cannot be resolved informally at that stage, it will be progressed through the complaints handling process with the least level of intervention possible.

The mediator (or other) will not handle a complaint about himself/herself, or about any process in which he/she took part.

Complaints will be handled with procedural fairness. InterMEDIATE Dispute Management will ensure that each person has a right to be heard, to be treated without bias, to be informed of complaints being made, to have a right to respond and to have information about the status of the complaint.

All information will be treated with due confidentiality.

A complaint that cannot be resolved within the organisation, may be referred to an independent industry body such as an RMAB like ADC, ADRA or CJC for the application of their complaints and appeals procedure.

A complaint form is available upon request.

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Find peace & resolution in fraught relationships

We can help you

Find peace & resolution in fraught relationships

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