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The Answer to A Common Dilemma of Mediation

15th of February 2018 | Author: Naomi Holtring

You know that to mediate a dispute when you can’t manage to do so by yourselves, will help you to resolve it, but what happens when the other party refuses to engage in the process? You can lead a horse to water…..

Sometimes no matter what the great benefits you can see in something so practical and helpful as mediation, to help you resolve a dispute, the other party refuses to proceed. They may be burying their head in the sand, or be bent on revenge and want to take you to court. Who knows what their real reason is?

You can’t mediate on your own…. Can you?

Well no, and yes. We run a process called Conflict Management Coaching (CMC) , a one on one coaching, which is sometimes known as mediation for one.

CMC can help you look at the dispute in different ways. With the right tools, attitude and with renewed confidence, what you previously believed about the problem can transform.

A good conflict management coach will work with you to look at your goals – what is it that you want as a resolution, and how can you achieve that.

You will be assisted through to reflect upon and improve your own communication and conflict styles to resolve the situation more naturally with the other party.

You will learn how to manage your own conflicts far more effectively, and even to help others who you are managing.

As well as those involved in personal disputes in families and workplaces, CMC will improve the effectiveness of all leaders.

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