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Mediation Training and National Accreditation as Mediator

5 Days - Mediation Training

Start Date : Monday 28th Sep at 9:00 a.m
Finish Date: Friday 2nd  Oct 2020

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2 Days - National Mediator Accreditation

Start Date : Monday 5th October 
Finish Date : 6th for video Assessments to meet
National Accreditation Standards (NMAS)

Price per student 

Trainers & Coaches:

  • Jean-Marcel Malliaté MDR
  • Naomi Holtring MDR
  • Janice McLeay MDR
  • Guest Lecturers: Nationally Accredited Mediation Practitioners
  • Independent Assessor: Paula Castille

Note: Course conducted by Zoom

Participant’s Workbook

Welcome to the Participant Workbook

Welcome to your interMEDIATE Dispute Management 5 day + 2 course, introducing you to the knowledge and skills necessary for you to commence operating as a mediator.


Your fellow students will come from a variety of backgrounds – including social sciences (such as counsellors, psychologists, teachers, social workers), or law (including solicitors, barristers and para-legals) plus many other fields of work.  In our course, we recognise the rich and important contribution that each participant will make and encourage all to reflect from time to time on their past experiences to add insights and understanding to the content of the course as we move through it together. 

Your Workbook

We have designed your workbook which will be sent to you in hard cover and is a valuable resource which you will wish to keep close to you over the years.  The workbook has content which we may spend considerable time on but other content which we will only skim through.  We designed the book to sustain you into the future and have developed most sections with depth enough to give you the beginning knowledge you need to get started but also to provide you with further learning and material to think about as you gain experience as a mediator.

The workbook is yours to use as you wish.  We would encourage you to add lots of notes to sections as we go. 

Content of the Workbook

Your workbook has all the knowledge and skills you need to be ready to apply for National Accreditation as a qualified Mediator when you complete the course with us. (Of course, to be accredited you will need to take one additional step where the accrediting authority has a chance to assess your readiness.  But this workbook has all you need to get ready for that assessment.)

Personal welcome by Directors of interMEDIATE Dispute Management by phone or Zoom

Course Goals

Essential Skills

Essential Knowledge

Introductory Exercises


Online Conflict Resolution and Alternative Dispute Resolution Training

What is Conflict and how does it occur?

Individuals and Their cares

The self

How does mediation assist?

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Conflict Spiral

Causes of conflict

Conflict Management Quiz

Issues in conflict

Resolution Strategies for Conflict

ADR Defined




ADR Process

Introduction to Models of Mediation

Facilitated Negotiation

Mediation Diamond

Theory Based Models of Mediation

Transformative Mediation

Evaluative Mediation

Narrative Mediation

Settlement Mediation

Shuttle Negotiation

Telephone Dispute Resolution


InterMEDIATE Educative Mediation Model

Transactional Analysis

Assertive Language “I Statements”

Time out

The Drama Triangle

Legal Context of Workplace Mediation

Bully and Harassment Legal Obligations

Ethical and other Mediation Issues

Mediator bias

Maintaining Neutrality

The Mediator

The role of the mediator

Mediator skills





Reframing and Exercise

Using the agenda

Challenging the parties

Identifying common interests

Generating options

Ensuring Role of the Non-Participating Support Person

Encouraging and Facilitating Shifts:

Pre-Mediation and exercises

Intake and assessing suitability

InterMEDIATE Dispute Management telephone intake form

The conflict management coaching relationship

InterMEDIATE Dispute Management Workplace Initial Assessment form

Sample Agreement to Engage in Mediation form

The Mediation Session

Mediator opening statement and explanation

Role-play 1 – Paul & Jenny opening statement


Parties opening statements


Statement summaries

Role Play

Mediator note taking and read back

The final agenda

Role Play

Managing exploration

Mediator language in exploration

Managing the process of exploration

Dealing with interruptions

Dealing with reticence

Dealing with verbosity

Dealing with abuse

Dealing with violence

Handling strong emotions

Empowering the parties

Moving from exploration to negotiation

Problem solving

Objectives of negotiation

Role of Mediator in negotiation

Shift in focus

Language in negotiation

Agent of responsibility

Agent of reality



Private Sessions

Roles in private sessions

Purpose of private sessions

The goals of private sessions

Managing private sessions

Consultation about private sessions

Introducing private sessions to parties

Introducing the session

The Agreement

Testing for reality, practicality, and fairness

Principles of agreement writing

Agreement writing checklist

iMDM sample agreement

Terminating Mediation

Feedback form

Benefits of feedback

Closing Protocol



Referral types


Destroy notes

Clear your head

Reporting to management

The day after mediation

Mediator Payment

One (or three) months later

Role-play information for National Accreditation

Your Course Assessment


What Workers Need in Their Workplaces to be Satisfied, Happy and Productive. (Sent by email after student booking completed.)

Can a Manager Mediate? (Sent by email after student booking completed.)

Blinded by Acid. (Sent by email after student booking completed.)

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Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Workplace Factual Investigator

Co-Director, Naomi Holtring MDR
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Nationally Accredited Mediator, Conciliator

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