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Vision and Mission

Our Mission

We continue to deliver the most dedicated services to reducing the negative effects of conflict, improving relationships and helping people to get back to business, workplace, commercial, relationships, parenting etc.

To remain as interMEDIATE Dispute Management started in 1995, independent, so that we can assist in a more impartial and confidential process, ensuring that participants feel more confident in working with us.

To continue serving the needs of its clients in conflict, as an organisation, as Practitioners, always work towards higher education, current research, practice innovation and development, identification and utilisation of best practices.

Our Vision and Values

  • To work in a collaborative Network of Professionals believing in the justice system. To be part of a Network of practitioners from different professions working co-operatively.
  • To value how supporting each other and providing caring client centred services achieves the best possible outcomes for clients in conflict and the entire community as a result.
  • Collaboration and continued professional development, utilisation of adult learning principles and practice tools to achieve excellence in our work. Innovation in addressing the needs of our clients in conflict.
  • Approach to empower all parties, utilise a strength-based process to resolve conflict and assist in the making of robust decisions about their future.

Changing the world, one peace at a time!

Trusted by organisations and families since 1995, we can help you to resolve your dispute and move forward. With our team’s, more than 380 years combined dispute management expertise, our caring and competent professional team is here for you during and after hours, 7 days a week. We’ll come to you, arrange a convenient neutral venue or provide services by telephone and internet to guide all parties towards reaching peaceful resolution.

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