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9 Reasons Why Workers Don’t Report Bullying and What to do About it

December 22, 2020by admin0

When workers don’t report bullying, it is almost impossible for the organisation to address it. Workers suffer along with productivity. Despite encouragement of employers for workers to report bullying, they don’t.

interMEDIATE Dispute Management has an award winning, ingenious and sophisticated WHS App soon to be available for your organisation. This will allows worker to interact anonymously with management, to report bullying and other reportable WHS incidents.

Why is anonymity important?

We know that most people do not report bullying, and this perpetuates the problem. The reasons for not reporting are many, and range from:

  1. FEAR that they won’t be believed – we know that bullying is very often covert and very hard to prove. Investigations that rely on proof usually come up with an unsubstantiated result, which is a shocking injustice to those who have been bullied, and becomes a joke for those who get away with bullying.
  2. FEAR that the situation will get worse, when not believed and others in the organisation turn against them. THEY become the problem.
  3. FEAR that their “unsubstantiated” report of bullying will negatively impact their reputation.
  4. FEAR that they will be labelled a whistle-blower and this reputation will follow them and negatively impact their career (if they still have one at all).
  5. FEAR of retribution.
  6. The loss of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth caused by being bullied, often prevent a victim from reporting, as they feel defective, stressed and cannot perform their work well. They FEAR losing their job if their workplace discovers their “deficiencies.”
  7. FEAR by bystanders that they will be the next target of bullying, if they make a report. Bystanders who are in fear, often befriend a bully to protect themselves. This gives the bully a huge amount of power and is often one of the reasons that bullies rise to the top of organisations.
  8. FEAR by bystanders who want to make a report, that they are putting themselves at risk, so they keep their heads down, or look the other way, which passively or actively allows bullying to continue. They know they can’t report by email, because that is completely traceable. Sometimes these people will leave an anonymous letter, or find a phone booth, make a quick call to report and then hang up – leaving the person at the other end with no way of being able to ask important questions, and these anonymous reports are usually useless.
  9. Many workers do not recognise that the behaviour is bullying, and they put up with it, become increasingly stressed, which causes physical and psychological harm (sometimes even suicide) and they may leave, and/or sue their employer for damage. Education is the answer to this one, which is where our face to face and online Anti-Bullying Courses complete the Anti-Bullying Program.

By using this multi-award winning ingenious App, those being bullied or witness bullying CAN confidently report it anonymously. HR, or whoever is authorised to receive the report, can actively engage with the reporter using an anonymous messaging system. They can ask important questions about the incident – what happened, who was allegedly bullying, who else was there, where did it take place, how often have they been bullied or witnessed it etc. The anonymous dialogue can continue as often and as long as necessary.

The backend of the App, has an advanced recording system which can track details of all reports made, using the important data collected, and substantial cases can be built. The system will keep track of number of incidents, in which departments, detecting patterns and evidence over time etc.

Put bullies in your organisation on notice.

There is so much more to tell you, however this document cannot do justice to the App. If you’d like to be one of the first to check it out, let’s organise a demonstration.

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