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  • Workplace

    Workplace dispute resolution
    practitioners are available to assist
    employers and employees in workplace
    conflict and workplace disputes.

  • Family

    Family Service assists with helping
    each family member understand
    the needs of the others,
    and the others to understand them.

  • Commercial

    Commercial mediation to resolve
    disputes without court.

  • About us

    The InterMEDIATE Team.
    Accredited and registered,
    professional, highly skilled
    and experienced

  • Phone & Online

    Professional Telephone Dispute Resolution and mediation helps empower parties, enabling them to work together to craft vital, robust agreements necessary.

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Contct Us

Reach robust resolution 

Conflict is costly. It can ruin relationships, destroy businesses and lead to lengthy legal battles.

When you want to resolve a dispute effectively, quickly, quietly and without the stress and expense of going to court, contact InterMEDIATE Dispute Management.

"These wonderful people saved us at least $50,000 each and 18 months in a court battle." KN Toowong, Qld.

We can help you to restore your relationships and move forward. With our team's, more than 380 years combined dispute management expertise, our caring and competent professional team is here for you during and after hours, 7 days a week. We'll come to you, arrange a convenient neutral venue or provide services by telephone and internet to guide all parties towards reaching peaceful resolution.

Our co-model means you'll have two highly skilled mediators (one male, one female) combining their expertise, tools and technology, to create and print an agreement ready for signing at the end of the session.

NO DELAYS - we are ready to help you today, wherever you are.

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  • family services


    We'll help you improve your parental alliance; craft a Parenting Plan and Property & Financial Agreement - best for you and your children.

  • workplace


    Reduce WHS risk and improve productivity. Create a positive work culture. Transformative mediation and customised training.

  • commercial


    Settle the dispute, gain clarity, repair your reputation, stay out of court and get back to business. 

  • about us

    about us

    See why we're the trusted team in helping quickly and effectively resolve all types of disputes, without going to court



    Distance dispute resolution is effective, easy, fast, flexible and affordable.

  • on the ABC News

    Watch our Managing Partner Naomi Holtring being interviewed on the ABC news about family disputes